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Pakistan Alliance for Nicotine and Tobacco Harm Reduction (PANTHR)

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STLTH Started by a group of entrepreneurs based out of Waterloo, Ontario Canada and Los Angeles, California, USA, STLTH offers an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes by providing a smokeless product that is practical and satisfying to adult smokers.

PEHOF is multi-disciplinary non-governmental organization, which was formally established in 2010 and it got registered under the Societies registration act XXI of 1860 on 14 April 2014. The organization envisages provision of umbrella coverage to civil societies and institutions in response to their socio-economic needs, by drawing freely upon the technologies available nationally and internationally to the local communities. It aims at invigorating and facilitating activities which will provide them capability to achieve development on sustainable basis ending with improvement in their quality of life.

◉ Welfare Association Jared (WAJ)
Welfare Association Jared (WAJ) emerged in 1988 as a non-profit and non-governmental Organization (NGO). It works for the basic rights of men, women and deprived and marginalized communities. WAJ actively advocates for livelihood and human rights to bring about policy and institutional changes in the state structures.

◉ Pakistan Vaping Community
Pakistan Vaping Community is a group of vapers and smoke-free-environment advocates that work to promote Safer Nicotine Delivery Systems (SNDSs).

◉ Youth Development Association (YDA)
Youth Development Association (YDA) is a not-for-profit, voluntary organization, registered with the government of Pakistan under the "Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Registration & control Ordinance 1961". YDA is working for the social and economic development/uplift of marginalized and underprivileged communities of Islamabad with special focus on youth.

◉ Media and Security Research Organization (MASRO)
Media and Security Research Organization (MASRO), a non-government, non-profit organization, registered with Joint Registrar of Islamabad Capital Territory as a Trust Fund under The Trust Act of 1882 in the year 2010, was established to work for bridge the information gap in the society.

◉ Institute for Research, Advocacy and Development (IRADA)
IRADA is a registered, independent social and policy development organization aimed at catalyzing participatory reform and development through innovative research, proactive policy strategies and vigorous capacity building initiatives.

◉ Pakistan Coalition for Education (PCE)
Established in 2005, Pakistan Coalition for Education (PCE) currently stands as the only coalition working on education advocacy in Pakistan for eleven consecutive years. This network of civil society organizations currently is present in 65 districts across Pakistan in Punjab, Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh and Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

◉ Perfect Society
Perfect Society is a Multan based registered not-for-profit organization working for the rights of women.

◉ Humanitarian Educational Work and Development (HEWAD)
HEWAD is a Quetta based organization registered under both Social Welfare and Societies' Registration Act. The organization works for women’s economic empowerment and right to information.

◉ Life Skills Consultants
Life Skills Consultants is a registered private consultancy firm providing capacity building services to community based and civil society organizations.

◉ Salar Foundation
SALAR Development Foundation is a non-government and nonprofit organization working for human development and to enhance people's access to their rights. SALAR Development Foundation’s head office is based in Quetta.

◉ National Organization for Working Communities (NOWC)
The commitment of National Organization for Working Communities (NOW Communities) was founded in 2007 - though it was formally registered with the Sindh Government in January 2008 - by a team of dedicated experts in development sector who were already working in various fields concerning labour, women, peace, minorities, media, education, and community health. Ever since its inception, NOW Communities has tried to root itself in the working communities by strengthening their existing contacts and building more through different interventions.

◉ Education, Research and Development Association (ERADA)
ERADA (Education Research & Development Association) was established in 2008 Under Societies Act XXI of 1860, as a non-sectarian, non-political, not-for-profit humanitarian organization. Since its establishment ERADA has been actively involved in the welfare of urban and rural population with primary focus on women folks and minorities to empower them for their basic rights, social justice, and poverty alleviation as well as promoting and supporting local and existing community organizations / beneficiaries groups to manage development projects. ERADA strives to eradicate poverty and uplift the quality of life of the rural population.

◉ Indus Environment Development Organization (IEDO)
Indus Environment Development Organization (IEDO) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental and non-religious organization established in 2005 and got registered under Social Welfare Act 1961 with registration No.DO/SW/CDD/K.Kot/01 Dated:18/06/2005 of 2005 as step to develop rural community by socially and economically on a sustainable basis.

Since its inception IEDO is struggling to build a community with sustainable Education, Protection, Health and human rights programs and ensure a gender balance, peaceful and secure environment within communities.

◉ Indus Development Foundation (IDF)
Indus Development Foundation is a not-for-profit organization working in district Rajanpur. The organization is striving for quality education for children and also responds to the emergency situations especially hill torrent floods.

◉ Sadaf Shaheen (individual member)
Ms. Sadaf Shaheen is a broadcast journalist and works with PK Radio FM 101.

◉ William Pervez (individual member)
Mr. William Pervez is a minority rights activist and is associated with PATTAN Development Organization.

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